Suwanee Dirty Paw Challenge

Suwanee Dirty Paw Challenge

10:00 AM – 4:00 PM (Bring your doggy between this time)

Dogs are great at expressing interest in something they love. Dogs love establishing ground and getting rewarded.

The games are obstacle course friendly; they are designed to have both low and high challenges characteristics.  This Dirty Paw Challenge is more than just a competition. It’s about passionate Doggy owners believing in their amazing dogs and there performance. 

Hey this is not the “The world of dog competitions”, what we are exhibiting is pet friendly fun, extremely exciting for any pet and challenging to any dog and its human parent. With proper training your doggy will be naturally more excited competing, so having good one-on-one bonding to make him/her feel continually safe is important. 

Before any competition, we are asking; make sure to take your doggy to the veterinarian for a full assessment. You want your doggy to be in the best physical shape to compete, so this also means feeding your doggy a healthy and balanced diet

Every doggy can benefit from the Doggy Challenge and fun provided by agility training. It teaches obedience while offering a great work out for you and your doggy. 

Experienced or first timer, it’s important to know the general rules and guidelines put in place to help ensure a great experience for everyone involved.  We appreciate you taking time to read through these guidelines, prior to registering your doggy.   If you have any questions or ideas, please share!

In case of rain, the Dirty Paw Challenge will go on.  Delay of the start may happen in case of severe weather in the area at Dirty Paw Challenge time. If severe weather continues, the director or “SHAFF” Suwanee Health and Fitness Festival authorities, will make the call to cancel the race or races at that time. Sorry no refunds.

Suwanee Dirty Paw Challenge
  • Doggy Bandana
  • Adult T-shirt